Secreto 07

How do we make it?

We rub the meat with a secret mixture of spices and enzymes by hand to make sure every spot is covered.

The cuts of meat are then placed on shelves in a cold storage unit at 2°C at low humidity.
They are turned twice every week to make sure the flavors distribute evenly.

The enzymes will break down the muscle tissue and because of the dry aging most of the moisture in the meat evaporates.

This process will give the meat a rich flavor and a very tender structure.

After seven weeks they are vacuum-packed and left to rest
for two more weeks to become...

...firm and cut proof.


Slice Secreto 07 straight out of the fridge. It is best enjoyed sliced as thinly as possible.
Serve on a wooden or slate board.
Taste without adding any seasoning or oil, this way you can truly appreciate the flavors of Secreto 07
Ps. Secreto 07 and a shot of Butcher's gin. A match made in heaven.

How do we make it?

Secret mixture of herbs is macerated in alcohol for 2 days

A distillate is made from the macerated herbs

Secreto 07 is macerated in alcohol for 2 days

A distillate is made from the macerated Secreto 07

Gin basis is made based on the principles of a London dry gin

Meat and herb distillates are added to the gin basis


Butcher's Gin & Meat

The Butcher’s gin is a spicy, characterful gin that is best enjoyed straight on the rocks. For the perfect food pairing we recommend it with a charcuterie tray. This way you can truly enjoy the complex flavor profile of the Secreto 07 and gin to the fullest.

Meer Secreto 07.

Butcher's Gin cocktail

The Butcher’s Gin forms the ideal base for a delicious cocktail.

5 cc gin
3,5 cc lemon
2,5 cc sugar syrup
3 à 4 cc egg whites
Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and dry shake. Fill the shaker with ice and continue to shake. Strain into a tumbler glass and add a shot of Schweppes Premium Pink Pepper Tonic. Finish with fresh basil leaves and parmesan shavings.

Butcher's Gin and tonic

The Butcher’s Gin is best enjoyed with Schweppes Premium Pink Pepper Tonic, garnished with fresh basil leaves, lemon zest and a pinch of black pepper.


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